The 6 month warranty only applies to the new Sealskinz Wudhu Sock and not to any other products

To enable your warranty, just register your Sealskinz Wudhu Socks purchase using the form below. If you ever need to claim on it, simply call our Customer Services Team on +27 32 552 4088, quote your name and the e-mail address you registered your product to and we will provide you with further instructions. You will need to register all your products individually if you have multiple items.

Thank you for registering your product with us. We hope you love it and your time in the outdoors, whatever the weather.

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Here are a couple of examples of common issues which we wouldn’t cover:

1. Cutting your toe nails! Not only is this a good look, it will stop the membrane in your socks being pierced by your talons. This is one of the commonest causes of socks losing their waterproofness.

2. Lack of care for your product according to the care instructions they came with.

3. Cracked rough heels can be quite painful.  Not only are these painful for you but are harsh on our socks as well. Wear and tear as a result of rough cracked heels unfortunately cannot be covered.