Sizing and Care

To ensure you purchase the perfect fit sock, please ensure you pick the same size in relation to your shoe.

  • For example if you are a size 7 shoe (UK) you will require a medium sock.


If you’re in-between sizes we recommend that you go a size up.

Every Sealskinz® product has care instructions on the packaging and attached to the product labels.

Waterproof Mozah Socks

By the nature of waterproof and breathable, wash them inside out, if you have a hand or wool wash option on your washing machine that is below 40°C this is best.

There are no special requirements for the type of washing powder or detergent used.

Let them drip dry naturally inside and then out.

Avoid drying on a radiator or other direct heat source to prevent damaging the waterproof membrane. Do not tumble dry the socks

For waterproof socks, keep your talons trimmed! Not only is this a good look, it will prevent the waterproof membrane from becoming damaged – this is one of the common causes of socks losing their waterproofness.

Always wear appropriate footwear. Inspect the inside of your footwear for stones, thorns and other sharp objects that could damage the waterproof membrane.